Google Analytics - Possible Redundancy?

Hello Cloudflare,

I recently setup CDN service with Cloudflare for a non-profit [NAMI Glendale]. The scope of my tasks focuses mainly around SEO initiatives. However, due to the complexity of conditions surrounding audit criteria regarding SEO and the network, I have hesitated in connecting Google Analytics in Cloudflare.

The reason I paused on this integration is because we currently have the Google Analytics plug-in installed in WPEngine in the head of the document.

My question for you is: Since Cloudflare doesn’t proxy google analytics javascript through its servers, do I need to ‘clear authorization’ on Google analytics in Wordpress, and then instantiate it in Cloudflare, or will Cloudflare simply ignore redundancy on the back-end if it detects google analytics already on the webpages?; hence, creating an implicit connection of sorts and fulfill 3rd-party auditing report scores.

We traded one SEO fulfillment for another. Not sure if it would be better to:

A) Not use Google Analytics in Cloudflare and just assume fullfillment of the SEO criteria, leaving immediate access in WPEngine of data

B) Disable Google Analytics in WP Engine and add to Cloudflare, ultimately analyzing and running reports directly in Google Analytics.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Colin,

So for google analytics there is an app in our app store you can install and it is open source:

You can see how it works there and then decide if it fits your particular requirement. I would say if you’re already embedding it successfully yourself, you likely don’t need to install this app.

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for responding…and yes, we do already have Google Analytics installed on Wordpress Engine. However, the conundrum we’re facing is fulfilling 3rd-party SEO report auditing requirements for this campaign based on the current implementation of G.A., with potential downstream ranking impact. The easiest thing would be to remove from WP Engine and re-instantiate it in Cloudflare.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if some of our organization users will want this with the current setup and moving to direct login with the Google Analytics account to wrangle data. I may have been a bit idealistic, but I was hoping there might be redundancy checking for this if applied in Cloudflare Apps store, pulling in our G.A. account ID for SEO fulfillment.

We may just have to cut our losses, unless you have any additional ideas on this.


I’m not sure I really understand the terms you’re using. Cloudflare’s embed of Google Analytics will likely be no different to the WP Engine embed. It will still be a piece of JS embedded into your page HTML which makes requests to google’s servers for analytics tracking purposes.

So I don’t see any difference really between the two options, I would pick whatever is most maintainable/comfortable for you.


Sure, so what we are trying to avoid is the G.A. script being loaded twice into the page, which is not good of course. I wasn’t sure if Cloudflare would identify an already existing instance of the G.A. code in the webpage as valid and integrate into our account if going through the integration process in Cloudflare.

If this is not possible, then myself and the folks on our end will need to decide whether or not there is much value for keeping G.A. plug-in in Wordpress at all. It would be ultimately better to run it through Cloudflare but don’t want to run the risk of the code being redundant; so that’s what I mean by ‘terms’.


I’m pretty sure the script does not check for an existing instance - but you could implement this feature if you like - the app is open source and you can see the code here:

Okay, thanks for letting me know…

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