Google Analytics JavaScript / API - NOT Receiving Data... Any idea's why?

I have been using Cloudflare with Analytics for a number of years, and never experienced any issues. Until now.

However I have a new Magento2 install, that is unable to connect to the Google API’s when trying to log into Google Tag Manager. In addition, ZERO data is being logged in Analytics for traffic to the site.

There are no IP Table rules on the box. And the AWS security group rules do not have anything restricting port 80.

Therefore,I conclude there must be some issue here in Cloudflare stopping access.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? Or have any ideas what the issue may be?

Google Analytics does not interact with your server or Cloudflare in any way, it reports directly from the visitor’s browser to Google. You simply need to make sure the Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking script is being loaded on every page

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