Google Analytics does not track


Hello. I have implemented Cloudfare in my website and my Google Analytics account does not track any visitor. Do yo know how can I solve this? Thanks!


Have you enabled the Google Analytics CF app, or are you manually embedding GA on your site?


I have manually embedding GA on my site, as I did befores implementing cloudfare.


If you load a page on your website, does that GA code still show up in inspect element or view-source? And, are there any console errors related to GA?


No, there are no search console error, and I don’t know how to do that inspection.


I have installed Google Analytics APP on Cloudfare now


It started tracking only visitors from USA. it does not track visitors from Europe. Do you know how to solve this? thanks


I don’t thing cf has anything to do with it… the google analytics code is on the browser side… they don’t interact with cf at all… what you should do is install Google Analytics Debugger and see what and why is not working


Hello boynet. I have Google Analytics code on footer, not on header. I allways do that because of better web performance.


ok… but install the Google Analytics Debugger to see why your tracking is not working


It works now, perhapds dns must be more spread now.