Google Analytics Dashboard Flatlined After Implementing Cloudflare

I have 3 websites thru Cloudflare. I deleted WordFence one month ago and began using the free version of Cloudlfare on all 3 sites.

I recently received an email from Google saying my sites are not receiving hits so I looked, and sure enough, all 3 sites are flatlined after pointing my sites thru Cloudflare. I normally show about 150 - 200 unique visitors a day, and they all went flat.

I activated the analytics in Cloudflare and that is showing traffic (albeit about 3-times more than "normal, and I expect those are attack thwarts), but Google is not working.

Can anyone offer some pointers on what to do?

Also, is it possible to block entire countries like Russia, as one of my sites only pertain to very local prospective customers in the United States, and the other two sites will only focus on prospective customers from the US, Canada, or maybe Europe (it’s a real estate website).

Thanks in advance!


  1. Cloudflare doesn’t interfere with Google Analytics, but if that Analytics js code isn’t loading on your website, that would break things. Try Dev Tools in your browser and check the Console for relevant errors.

  2. Cloudflare analytics often shows very different stats than other packages.

  3. You can use Firewall Rules to block specific Country Codes.

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Thanks so much for the reply sdayman as your info helped a lot and caused me to dig deeper.

I was only using a Google verification code (googlecode.html) to verify my site and track visitors. That alone had been working fine. Incidentally, I also noticed that I was receiving visitor information when using the Google Search Console, but Google Analytics wasn’t receiving anything.

Since I hadn’t been using any js code yet, I stumbled upon the Google Tag Manager. I read a little about that, which I still don’t quite 100% understand, but I used the Google Tag Manager to create some js code (?), pasted that code into my WordPress website header and just after the opening body tag and sure enough, I am now seeing hits again in Google Analytics.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply and that helped me a lot and got me looking deeper for the solution.

All the best!