Google Analytics behave strange



Hello, since I use cloud flare my visitors are almost zero based on the WordPress google analytics. I had a growing visitors before and now I keep getting less and less visitors. For example my Google Analytics 2 days ago shown only 25 visitors while Cloud flare analytics show 1000 visitors.

I don’t get it really. Why is Cloud flare blocking my visitors?


Make sure your analytics tracking code is being injected on all pages. You can do this by using something like

Also, you may just have a lot of visitors that are running ad blockers or privacy protection extensions. They tend to block Google Analytics since some believe they use it to funnel data into their ad service, so you won’t see the same amount of visitors on Google Analytics as Cloudflare.


Thanks for the reply, I just checked the website tracks on all sites. That is not the problem, the problem is with Cloud flare. When I disable Cloud flare my visitors increase. I put the security on low but still. On high I have zero visitors. My main visitors come from social media.