Google Analytics and Search Console reporting stopped since implementing Cloudflaire

My site has been set up on Google Analytics and Search Console for over a year but I’ve only just implemented Cloudflare. Since implementing it the views have dropped to 0 (not suddenly, but over a few days) and it is showing that I am no longer receiving any views in the Search Console part of Analytics and on Search Console itself. I know this is incorrect as my ad income is fine and I can see overall views. Any ideas on what is going wrong with the reporting?

Do you get some events logged at your Cloudflare dashboard for your domain under Firewall events?

May I ask, do you have some “strict” security measurements enabled and setup at Cloudflare end for your domain? Could it be related to some security settings at Cloudflare Firewall?

  • like blocking the requests from a specific country, security level “high”, challenge mode, etc.

Maybe, from now on, you see only users from specific country (USA) due to an host/origin server not getting the right and true visitor IP address?

Are the DNS records :orange: cloud or :grey: cloud at Cloudflare dashboard?

May I ask what is your domain name?

Have you had your website over HTTP or HTTPS before moving to Cloudflare?
Is your Google Analytics property setup to track HTTP or HTTPS version of your website?
Also, the same goes for Google Search Console, have you added only HTTP-www and/or HTTP-non www, or do you have only HTTPS, or any other combination added?
Furthermore, depending what you have had, also to note maybe from now on you have got indexing duplicates or something else.
It can be factors to keep in mind as Google treats www/non-www and HTTP(S) as different properties/views.

I am just guessing, due to not knowing the right situation.

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