Google Analytics 3 client ID cookie not in correct format?

When using Google Analytics 3 (via analtics.js; have not tried gtag.js), the client ID is set in the _ga cookie by the Google scripts in the format GAx.x.BLAH.BLAH and the BLAH.BLAH is the actual client ID on the GA side. This is what Google users to see who is on the site, which is how users are measured. When I enabled Zaraz with the GA3 integration, the _ga cookie ended up being set to a GUID after I cleared the cookies, not the normal GA3 client ID? This had two negative impacts; it breaks our server side conversion push to Google as we need that cookie, and it also appears to break the measurement of users on the GA side.

When I look at the GA realtime view for the property, after enabling Zaraz the users on the site slowly goes down and down as the _ga cookies all get changed slowly over to the GUID. When I turn it back off again, the users climbs back up as Google does reset the cookie back to the client ID as needed over time.

So how do we fix this so that Google correctly sets up the _ga cookie with the correct client ID when using Zaraz?

I plan to move the conversion tracking from a server side push to browser side using Zaraz so if I do that will GA start to measure things correctly even if the cookie is a GUID and not the original format? Is the GUID some kind of first party cookie that Zaraz is setting rather than one Google sets?