Google alerts returning over Cloudflare sites

We have DNS hosting with Cloudflare and Google alerts setup with various terms related to our business.

Over the past week, these alerts have started flagging new “content” that includes our Business Name appearing on domains such as:

all the domains it has alerted have their DNS hosted with Cloudflare - thats the only link i can find. Going to any of the domains starts redirecting elsewhere.

is there something i have missed with a security option in Cloudflare?

any help appreciated thank you.

I’m not clear what the problem really is. There are three unrelated websites out there that happen to use Cloudflare DNS, but have some sort of content regarding your business, according to Google, but it doesn’t say what.

Those three sites appear to have been hacked in the same way (or they’re bogus sites to begin with). I don’t think this has anything to do with your Cloudflare account.

sorry, I am trying to work out why all of a sudden we are getting “alerts” like the screen shot below. All up there seems to be 5 domains we have found so far that now apparently have our content on them according to google and all of them have Cloudflare DNS. I guess i was worried something might be “leaking” across different Cloudflare setups somehow?

Screenshot 2021-08-04 085355

That’s certainly interesting that your company has been dragged into these hacked sites’ search results.

I suggest you file an abuse complaint for Malware. The last two sites shows a malware (yourstreamsearch) download when GTMetrix scans the site:

The first one is pretty suspicious as well:

thank you, have done that now.

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