Google AdWords set up blocked

We recently started using Cloud Flare Core and in attempting to set up Google AdWords we are being told it not possible because Cloud Flare is blocking it.

Is there a setting or Access Rule we need to set up to allow this to work? It appears from other forum questions that people are able to use Google Ads with Cloud Flare.

May I suggest looking into below article regarding error 1020:

Kindly, may I ask you to check your Firewall Events tab if any appear? You can find the specific one by looking for the value of the Ray ID.
You may need to go through the blocked requests and check if they match Google requests, for example user- agent, IP address, etc.

May I ask do you use some custom-made Firewall Rules, or have restricted access to your Website by country, or some other?
Maybe blocking the AS numbers or IP address range(s)?

Helpful articles:

We don’t have any custom rules set. I wasn’t able to go back far enough to determine the reason the specific incident was blocked. It appears Cloud Flare only allows me to go back 24 hours on viewing firewall activity. It may be that is the case because we have a free account and not paid?

Hey OP, you don’t have bot fight mode on, do you?

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