Google Adwords ads being Disapproved due to 'Destination mismatch'

Shortly after activating Cloudflare we started receiving notifications that our Adwords ads were being Disapproved due to
‘Destination mismatch: The final URL that you entered for your ad uses a different domain than your landing page’

The destination URLs in questions are all valid and have 100% uptime and fast page loads.

Is there any possibility that any setting in Cloudflare could stop a Google bot from reading the correct destination URL from an Adwords Ad?



Oddly enough, I’m dealing with the same issue with three clients…all of whom use Cloudflare and have for a while and none of them have the redirects that would cause this.

Strangely though, it’s not all of the ads, only a relatively small portion of them, but I have yet to come up with a reason why.

My rep at Google is confused as well. I also spoke with someone from support on the issue who said it was because I use ad customizers and they input dynamic data into 1 path of the display URL (which is 100% allowed), and that if someone tried to visit that display URL, it would return a 404 and that was the cause.

I’m trying to put something together to avoid that issue, but honestly, it sounds like BS as a 404 wouldn’t cause a destination mismatch error, it would cause a destination not working error.

I’ve wondered if there is a possibility Cloudflare could somehow play a role in it, but haven’t been able to recreate any issues that should.