Google Adsense?

Hi all,

I set up google adsense a couple of weeks ago for my website but can’t seem to get activated. The code has been inserted correctly and i have received a green tick to say that the code is verified.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do for ads to start showing? Could this be a javascript problem ?

Maybe part of the problem is the two “adsbygoogle” tags:

one in the Head:

Another in the body:


My browser console is complaining about this, maybe it’s what’s preventing your site from verifying:

"adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one 'enable_page_level_ads' allowed per page.",

Hi, Thanks for your reply I added the body code an hour ago. I have now deleted it. Looking at my blog site do you think there will be enough space for ads to show? I’m thinking maybe that could be a reason why ads aren’t showing ?

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