Google Adsense Cannot Reach My Site

I;m trying to sign up with Google Adsense for my site but Adsense keeps telling me it could not reach my site. I have already put in the Adsense provided html codes into my pages and but Adsense keeps telling me it cannot reach my site. A search on Google support mentions that the googlebot may be block - if so how can unblocked it?


You can try visiting the Firewall page > Firewall Events soon after you request that Adsense visits your site, to check what specific rule or service is blocking Adsense.

There’s nothing on the Firewall Events screen.



I’ve made another observation - if I type or or, I can reach my site. But if I type, it gives me an xml message - “the xml file does not appear to have any style information associated with it”.

Got it figured out, thanks to the tutorial in this community - I need to put in a url page forwarding rule for my main domain. Thanks for all the time responding to me.

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