Google Adsens does not appear

I see a lot of people had this problem but I really couldn’t find a solution. After joining Cloudflare, Google Adsens campaigns simply stopped showing.

Google said I didn’t have ads.txt, which I did, but I reloaded it, and it’s accessible through my browser.

Does anyone know a solution? It seems from the experience of others that COuldflare does not interfere with Adsense, but is there any chance that Cloudflare has made any changes and knows that it is blocking Adsense?

My website is celestialchart. com (images are also not loading but this is another problem I already have a direction how to solve)

The first visit to ads TXT file throws a 404 error and is also not secure. Upon reloading, it shows the correct one.
I guess your site is experiencing either caching issues or redirection issues to HTTPS. Try clearing cache and enabling always use HTTPS setting in Cloudflare.

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Thank you so much @sarang.sss29! The cache is really problematic to my website and I’m going to clear and stop it.

Google Adsens apparently appeared today out of nowhere. My guess, for anyone facing the same issue, is that Google needs a day or two to understand that your site is the same, but now with https.

All the best!

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