Google Ads Inaccessible with Cloudflare Proxy Enabled, Works with DNS Only

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I am having an issue where Google Ads reports that my landing page is inaccessible when I enable Cloudflare’s proxy feature. However, if I switch to DNS only mode, Google Ads works just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this or has a solution for using Cloudflare’s proxy without affecting Google Ads accessibility? I would really appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have!

Thank you!

Hey there,

You may want to review this thread:


Thank you for your response, but it looks like there’s been a misunderstanding. My issue is not with ads displaying on my website. Instead, my problem is that Google Ads indicates that the landing page for my advertisements is “unreachable” when I enable Cloudflare’s proxy feature. Everything works fine when I switch to DNS only mode.

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