Google Ads Conversion Tracking not working

I have Zaraz set up for conversion tracking in google ads.
i have conversion linker enabled in here, although I’m not sure if there is further setup required for that particular part.

I’m using zaraz.track to fire a trigger
I have the trigger firing an action in google ads

The action has a conversion label which is the number/letter combo e.g. “xx8CM-xxxxxxxxxXX”

I can see the triggers are firing, the actions are firing, and I can see in the debug that the correct information is sending as well.

However, nothing is being reported in google ads - I cannot debug this any further because none of these events show up in google tag assistant ( is that normal? )

full disclosure, I had my google ads ID set as “AW-xxxxxxxxx” and I’ve just read an article here that the AW shouldn’t be part of that (why isn’t this in the documentation) however, even after changing it I still do not seem to be receiving any data through to my google ads account.

Is my conversion label correct format? can’t think of any other problem. should I disable conversion linker?

so there is definitely a bug with the Google Ads implementation

There are 2 global parameters in the Goolge ads settings - Conversion ID and Conversion Linker
You would assume that enabling the conversion linker and entering your conversion ID that these parameters would be passed down to each triggered action but they are not.

So my actions are triggering but the conversion ID is not sending as well so the events are just being sent no where.

The only way to make this work is to go into each individual action and add the conversion id and conversion linker parameters again and fill them in - only then are they sent and only then do they track in google ads.

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The issue should now be solved.