Google Ads Conversion Tracking not working, still

There was a similar post to this that was published recently…

This thread says it was resolved, but I’m running into the same issues, but unfortunately I’m not getting anything in Google Ads.

  • I set up Google Ads in Zaraz, added the conversion ID without the AW-
  • My triggers all show as firing successfully in debug mode
  • Those same triggers which are tied to Google Analytics 4 are receiving the events
  • With each event I am tracking as a conversion in Google Ads, I have the appropriate conversion label added

Because of the locked thread above, I also tried adding the conversion ID directly as an additional field, again without the AW-, even though I have that configured in the “Settings” section so it should carry over but the conversion linking and conversion count is not pushing anything to Google Ads.

Has this bug actually been resolved? I’m not seeing this working correctly at all, and I’ve meticulously reviewed the setup, it should be pushing conversion events to Google Ads.

Should add that I’ve also included the Conversion Linker on every action as well to try and get this working properly…

Hi @yoav_zaraz, you had responded to the original chain saying this issue was resolved. I’m not seeing it work correctly. Any insight here would be great as to why this isn’t working correctly.

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Hi @kailey did you ever get this figured out?

A fix is being rolled out right now, should be done by EOD

Hello @yoav_zaraz ,

My Google Ads conversion tracking still isn’t working. I have Reddit/Snap/TikTok/Meta all working.

I do see it triggering in the Zaraz dashboard, but Google isn’t receiving any events. I triple checked conversion linking, and using the right conversion id.

Anything I could have missed?


@yoav_zaraz Can you provide some insight on how to correctly add the Conversion ID and Conversion label and how they should be formatted?

This is one of the main things preventing us from using Zaraz…

Can you share what you are currently trying to do and what doesn’t work please?