Google Ads Conversion ID Formatting

Hi there,

I am trying to debug some conversion issues with the google tag integration. When looking thru the community and some of the posts, I am seeing some conflicting information from the folks regarding the Google Tag ID. Specifically these posts:


For instance, if my google tag ID is: AW-123456

The first post mentions that the Tag ID in the zaraz setup should be “123456”.

The second post says that the tag ID in zaraz shoud be “AW-123456”

Does anyone know which of these is correct? Also, when using the tag assistant chrome extension to detect the tag, I seem to be getting tag not found errors - not sure what the best way to ensure this is working would be?

Hey, OP of the first post here.

Contrary to the commentary on my original post, I actually ended up adding “AW-123456”, including the ‘AW’, which was working fine for me. I ended up encountering other issues though so had to implement ad tracking another way entirely, which was a little frustrating.

Hope this helps.

Awesome thank you!

Yeah - I am thinking we will move on to another solution at this point, lack of documentation and support is a bit frustrating to be honest. Appreciate the help!