Google Ads and Location Not Set

We are seeing a weird spike in the last two months on our Google Ad Manager data where there are small amounts of users clicking on lots of ads. Usually, Google Ad Manager filters this kind of (what looks like fraud) out. We are looking into that, but is there a way to figure out when we see a USA location as Not Set in Ad Manager and Google Analytics and just not give them access or hit them with a captcha? We cannot seem to figure out who or what is causing this. We have some suspicions but we’d like to just remove these bad actors.


You could try bot fight mode and see if it happens - this uses the ML capabilities of CF to block bots. See Bot Fight Mode

The only downside is that this isn’t configurable without subscribing to the Enterprise bot management feature which gives you insight into what’s being blocked and provides a lot of granularity in where/how it’s applied.

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