Googe MX records

Hi cloudflare community!
I am new here and not a technician or programmer. I know very little about domains, DNS etc but try to do it myself for my own things.

I have registered a new domain which I could immediately connect to my webspace. All good.

Then I added this domain as an alias to my primary one in Google Workspace and activated Gmail. The MX records were created automatically. That was over 55 hours ago and I don’t receive any emails. When I send something the emails go out, don’t get an error message.

About 24 hours ago I spoke to Googel support and they reduced the MX records to just one. That didn’t change anything and Google thinks I should just wait.

What I don’t understand: I registered the domain from scratch and it worked immediately with the webspace. Why are there these problems with Google?

Maybe someone can help me?
Thank you!

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