Goodle reusing to index Cloudflare content

I have 2 websites on Cloudflare. Google indexes neither of them and hasn’t for years, continually citing :
"Page with redirect

This is a non-canonical URL that redirects to another page. As such, this URL will not be indexed. The target URL of the redirect might or might not be indexed, depending on what Google thinks about that target URL."

I cannot see anything wrong with the sites. The first one only has about 3 pages so nothing complicated. Can anyone please tell me why Google hates these sites in Cloudflare, when it never objected before they were here?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Starting with the 1st link. What address are you trying to index or Because the 1st one is redirecting to the second, so ideally you add the second one to be indexed and not the 1st.

On a side note, I noticed that the redirect is coming from the origin and is not even redirecting to HTTPS, which causes a second unnecessary redirect:

Not that the delay is that great, but a faster way to do that would be to create a redirect rule or a page rule in your Cloudflare dashboard to handle this instead of going all the way to your origin for a simple redirect like this example:

As for, I’m unsure of the issue, since this seems to be correctly served without any redirection form both the www and non www. The only redirect I see comes from https upgrade when inputting the address with http instead of https, so make sure you’re using the full address for indexing.

Take care.

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