Good evening, can someone help me please?

Excuse me, it’s that I registered the Cloudflare DNS in my Cpanel of my hosting I did all the steps and even so It says: Pending update of the nameserver already takes 48 hours and the domain is: I don’t know what else to do

You did not change your nameservers, you only added two NS records to your host. You need to change the nameservers at your registrar instead. If it’s not clear how you do that, you best contact your registrar.

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if I change them, that is, I deleted 2 and put the ones that Cloudflare gave me the truth if you had a video on youtube how to do it because what I did was that I deleted 2 and, failing that, put the ones that Cloudflare gave me

Yes, you need to change that at your registrar, as mentioned, you best contact your registrar if something is unclear as only your registrar can tell you what you need to do to change the nameservers on their site.

Thanks mate for your prompt response, the truth is, I don’t know what else to do. I go to my Ferozo hosting and I look at the list of DNS and they all appear, including those that Cloudflare gave me. There they are, in fact, in the DNS zone of my hosting, it says a message appears saying that I am connected with Cloudflare I also intertwine my hosting with the Cloudflare API everything from my hosting indicates that I am connected with Cloudflare but on the part of Cloudflare it is not like that it still says that it is in the process of connection in fact connect my Wordpress with Cloudflare everything stop in order but by Cloudflare not

I am afraid Cloudflare can’t help you here either, you need to talk to your registrar as that’s where you need to change the nameservers.

Good morning, gentlemen of Cloudflare, thank you for taking the time and answering me, I have already tried everything and I don’t know what else to do. Here I enclose a captutre of what I did and what I added to my dns zone of my hosting, in this fierce case, could you say what I am doing wrong because I already added the dns that you give me to my hosting

I don’t know what else to do please look at the pictures

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