Running a Droplet on DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 18.04 LAMP and Wordpress… For last 2 months droplet been running CPU/Mem all below 35% - I switched to cloudflare 2-3 weeks ago, and all good in beginning… I then started seeing huge spikes in CPU and/or memory… forcing me to restart apache every few minutes… I have gone through site with all forms of malware tests to see if that was issue… i noticed a lot of SemrushBot hits so i blogged them at htaccess and today even added firewall rule to block it in cloudflare

I have tried setting up Argo… I have even set up a dedicated MySQL server for WP on Digitalocean but 90% of my user or my requests to Cloudlare i get ERROR 524’s!!!

Its been two days trying everything and i am about to ditch this whole lot… DigitalOcean does not really do support, my log files show nothing abnormal… WHAT IS GOING ON??? I am totally lost

Thats a problem as a Error 524 is related to the origin Server (SEE HERE)

So your Server is timing out.

Thats very high I think… my Server hosta about 20-30 sites and his CPU is idleing on about 3%.
Mem is full obviously as I use it as cache.

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yip what i thought… have had wp multisites with buddypress running on less resources than this — still running at 66% CPU but memory seems to have gone down to 33 average… i have blocked all bots bar google at this stage…this is a single site with a light ajax theme 4 GB Memory / 80 GB Disk / NYC1 - Ubuntu LAMP on 18.04 server on php 7.4