Gogle MAP API working byt not rendering

Hi all,

On my website https://den-engelske-gartner-shop.dk I have setup Google MAP API - It used to work, but then suddently it doesn’t render- I have been in dialogue with google support, and they confirm everything is working from their end - although they also reproduced that the google map ( pick locator did not work.

I had previously enabled Rocklet loader from Cloudflare, but got an error - Hence I have disabled it completely during this troubleshooting - but still doesn’t work

Hence anyone having a fresh idea what could be the nature of this - running on PS 1.7.8 PHP 4 MariaDB 10.4

Thanks in advance



I don’t see a spot for a map on your home page, so I can not replicate the problem.

Exactly- it used to be a pop up called via google map API



I don’t see any code on that page that’s supposed to incorporate a map. Where, and how it it supposed to show up? Do you have any pages with an embedded map?


It is integritet into the shipping module via Shipmondo. When selecting GLS Pakkeshop it should show the map as an overvirkelighed of nearby pickup locations

Again Google confirmed tonight that thetåy are getting data, but i will try to contact shipmondo tomorrow. My thought was that it could be something on the cloudflare platform. As I was getting an rocket losder error before disabling this in cloudflare.

Thank you

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