Goggle PageSpeed Insights doesn't recognize Cloudflare settings

Hi there,

I need help with my Cloudflare account. I set up Cloudflare for my website two days ago. However, when I run google pagespeed I still get the feedback that I should use browser chache and minimize my java and css. But I configured browser chaching and minimization.

Thank you for your help.

Don’t get nutty on the scores. Look at the actual speeds.
If you want to get the score higher, you have to set the ‘Browser Cache Expiration’ to a much higher duration. I can’t find the value, but I remember 2 weeks.

I know, pagespeed is not that important. However, I set the “Browser Cache Expiration” to 8 days. However, google doesn’t recognize it. I still get the feedback “set a data for expiration”. My host says there are some issues they can’t resolve and I should talk to the Cloudflare support.

It is not about scoring higher, I just want that my Cloudflare settings do work. Thank you for your fast reply :grinning:

Problem solved- everything works

How ?
can you share in here :frowning:
i have same problem before…

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