Goddady to Cloudflare DNS Records


From Cloudflare dashboard, I added the new site and the dns records got scanned and added… I noticed 2 things I didn’t find anything about here or anywhere else (& I haven’t changed the name servers yet):

1- The two old GoDaddy NS records where added by CloudFlare, not like any tutorial I saw earlier… should I delete them?

2- There is an imported record for _domainconnect to _domainconnect.gd.domaincontrol.com … also should I delete too?



I also met the first case, the NS records’ content were your previous Nameserver right? But I have used the testing site. So I just changed the Nameserver directly in Godaddy. All things are going well and the NS records are still there.

But I dont have any idea about your second question.

Hello, yes the NS records were the previous nameservers. I tried a test site too and the same happened so I manually deleted them.

It is strange because in all the video tutorials I watched, the scan skipped the NS records and the _domainconnect so maybe it’s a glitch in the scan process recently.


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