GoDaddy Wordpress hosting with Cloudflare proxy generating 525 errors

Is anyone else running into problems with Wordpress hosted on GoDaddy generating 525 errors when the Cloudflare proxy is enabled?

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

My site was working until about a week ago, with no changes on the Cloudflare or GoDaddy side. I was recently alerted to the site displaying the error, checked it myself, and turned off the Cloudflare proxy, now it loads correctly. So something seems to have changed on the GoDaddy or the Cloudflare side.

I’m seeing the same issue - hosted on GoDaddy with Cloudflare proxy in front. No changes to either settings & getting intermediate 500 errors.

I’m seeing the same issue as well. Immediate 525 errors.

I have had the same issue on a few of our websites. Nothing wrong with our websites until last week. I am now seeing 525 and 520 errors consistently. Your temporary fix of turning off the proxy works. Development mode slows the rate of errors down, but doesn’t fix it.

Yeah me too. Error 520 when I have the proxy enabled. Godaddy Wordpress. It worked fine until sometime in the past week. I’ve made no changes on either end.

Have you gotten it fixed? If so how? We are experiencing the same issue. GoDaddy says nothing is wrong in their side

Had http before. Incorporated cloudflare to get site aecured was working fine. No changes were made. And just started seeing errors. Any recommendations ?

I think Godaddy has changed how their hosting works and is injecting scripts from their CDN even if you have their CDN disabled that are causing Origin CA issues, but only Cloudflare can actually see that detail AFAIK.

That would be messed up and not say to their customers ?

install a plugin like noscript in Firefox and load your page with the go daddy CDN disabled. I bet you see that it blocks a script from the go daddy CDN and a script from the ftp URL for your site, and possible other scripts (I think they might be injecting something from gstatic too)

I am here talking with GoDaddy again. Trying to see what the issues are

I had the same problem. Somehow the IP address had changed to a new, different one at GoDaddy How that could happen, I have no idea. But I changed them back and voila.

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