Godaddy website goes down constantly with Cloudflare SSL


I have a website that constantly goes down and it is hosted with GoDaddy,

I’ve spoken to them, and they say that it is an issue with Cloudflare and not godaddy themselves. I keep getting a 522 error yet the nameservers are correct on the domain etc.

Any advice appreciated.


Do you have an SSL certificate configured on your server? Whats the domain?

Hi Sandro, i did have it configured, but to get my site back up and running without an SSL ive changed the name servers. Godaddy have said that this is Cloudflares issue, not theirs

You need to have a certificate on your server too. Can you do that?

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Hi sandro. I wasn’t aware of this and it doesn’t say that in the set up other than install flexible ssl :unamused:

Just out of interest, what guide are you following?

We don’t recommend the use of Flexible SSL at all.


Hi Dom,

Thanks for this, is there any dummy tutorial on how to do this on my site please for full?


so ive installed the cert and private keys on the above domain, and its still 522 with a full strict cert… any ideas :S

Great that you have installed a certificate on your server :+1:

A 522 isn’t generally caused by certificate issues, have a look at the steps in this post:

Definitely ask your host to whitelist the Cloudflare IPs

The only difference for Full is on the host’s side, so each one is different! Hence we generally recommend you contact your host about this, but it sounds like you have done it now!

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