Godaddy was my web host, but I chose not to renew with them

Godaddy was my web host, but I chose not to renew with them, I have backed up my website, but I can’t figure out how to bring it back online using Cloudflare.

When I try to access my site I get a page that says “This site has stepped out for a bit.” How do I get my website hosted up on Cloudflare? the url is thepawn02 [dot] com

Is this what your site is supposed to be showing?

If so, it seems like is working fine from here?

I just cancelled all of my transfering and ended up renewing with Godaddy. I am still new to all of this but it appears Cloudflare is not a host and offers no hosting solutions. So I needed a web host. I looked at Bluehost but the process to transfer everything seemed daunting. Ended up just paying the ransom to get my site back up and running.

Hi there,

this is Blake with the support team.

Glad to hear the site is recovered, but sorry to hear you had to pay a ransom.

You can host your site on Cloudflare using pages.

Cloudflare Pages documentation · Cloudflare Pages docs

This is the closest we have to traditional webhosting,