GoDaddy to Cloudflare to Host

So, I set my nameservers on GoDaddy to Cloudflare, then I added to my CloudFlare DNS my host’s IP.

but it’s still resolving to an old host and it’s been over 48 hours.

Can anyone help me?

What is your domain name?

The nameservers look OK from here, and are consistent with what Cloudflare are returning:

% dig ns  +short
% dig ns  +short

The site is currently :orange:. How do you know its resolving to an old host? If you change to :grey: does the site work?

Okay, let me explain a bit better.

I’m running it through

I set my host’s IP/VPS as an A record, the host’s IP is but it’s resolving to



When you set the DNS to :orange: this is perfectly normal. The connection from the user go to Cloudflare, and then Cloudflare go to your origin.

You probably have a firewall in place on your Origin, as Cloudflare cannot connect to your origin, which is why you are getting the 521 error. Check out the related #CommunityTip

Ohhhhhh! I understand now, thanks so much!

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