Godaddy to Cloudflare Migration - DNS did not carry over, help with A record setup

I just migrated from godaddy to cloudflare. I replaced the name servers with the cloudflare name servers, so I’m good there. The problem is that my dns records never transferred over, and since I’m using the cloudflare name servers I’m unable to see them anymore. It looks like I need to manually add an A record, as well as the cname dns record for my site. I was able to add the cname, but I’m not sure where to get the IP address for my A record that was being used over at godaddy. For the record, I currently don’t have a website setup, but at least there was a landing site letting folks know that one was in progress, when the would visit it. As of right now, it’s just a bunch of dns errors. Can anybody please help me?

This has been resolved, please close this topic.