Godaddy Ssl

I have godaddy SSL to origin server . Site is hosted by godaddy.
I changed the security level to full(strict) in Cloudflare
I get a 525 error.Any other settings need to be changed on Cloudflare side

For “Full strict” (which is actually the right setting everyone should choose) you will still need a valid certificate on your server. AFAIK Godaddy does not offer that for free and you would need to purchase one of their certificates. So you either switch to a better host or turn off HTTPS on Cloudflare. Alternatively you could also switch to Flexible, however that would be quite misleading to your visitors, as the connection between Cloudflare and Godaddy would be still unencrypted.

If there ist a cert ‘Full’ should work.

Try to gray out DNS record and check if problem still exists;

You get 525 error when handshake between Cloudflare and GoDaddy fails (wrong certificate) and you are using Strict SSL mode.

This is issue from GoDaddy and looks like it’s not first time this happened… Check out this topic with similar issue

I suggest to contact GoDaddy support and post this issue on their community page (one from the link above) since it looks like their support wasn’t really helpful until author posted about this issue there.

Does it works when you are using Full SSL mode without Strict option?

Doesnt this usually lead to their ominous and infamous “something great is coming” (or whatever it actually says) screen?

That only happens if you don’t have a cert at GoDaddy and you’re set to Full. Cloudflare tries to connect on 443, and GoDaddy doesn’t recognize it, so it throws up a generic page.

Precisely, and my understanding is they only add a certificate if you show them some pecunia :wink: which should lead us to the current situation.

I got a paid certificate from godaddy.
I tried Full and Full Strict. Both gave a 525 error.
Our website is on hosted wordpress. I did not mention that earlier.

With a paid certificate “Full strict” should work. There must be something else off then. Have you checked if you can access your site directly, bypassing Cloudflare?

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