GoDaddy SSL w/ Cloudflare

Hey guys,

I have some questions. I’m currently trying to install a godaddy EVO SSL onto my web server. I’m using AWS Lightsail ubuntu Apache v2.

When I visit my website i don’t see my SSL. I only see the free universal ssl from Cloudflare. Because i’m using Cloudflare, can I not use my Godaddy SSL I paid for?

How can I make my users use and see my SSL from godaddy and not Cloudflare?

Only Business and Enterprise plans can install their own certificates on Cloudflare’s proxy servers. For the rest of us, those certs stay on our web servers so Cloudflare can securely connect to our hosts and then proxy content to visitors using the Cloudflare TLS certificates.

Wow that’s disappointing. $200/mo. :frowning:

For $5/month, you can have a Cloudflare dedicated certificate with only your domain name on it. Most of your visitors won’t notice the difference…even with free Universal TLS.

Would like to reference this thread chain regarding whether or not you need EV SSL. Believe it or not, EV isn’t more secure and Chrome/iOS already are trying to reduce the impact EV has.

Ideal situation is use Cloudflare SSL cert on front end visitors and use your Godaddy cert on web server origin and set Cloudflare SSL from flexible to full ssl/full ssl (strict) so communication between Cloudflare and your web server origin are encrypted over HTTPS as well.

Why not use the Origin CA by Cloudflare? I can’t due to Firebase not allowing it, but would love to do so.

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