GoDaddy Requiring IP address for .LIFE domain for name server change

I’m setting up a .life domain with GoDaddy and they are requiring both the domain/URL and IP address for the name servers. From another post on the community regarding this I tried pasting the domain in both fields to no avail (How i can add life domain to cloudflare). Is there an IP address that I can use for the domains or other pointers? Thanks in advance!

Just run nslookup on the namservers assigned to you by Cloudflare.


nsookup                        Server:

Non-authoritative answer:
Address: 2606:4700:50::

Thank you! That makes sense… I’m just unsure if Cloudflare dynamically changes its IP address for their name servers or if it is safe to assume their name server URLs always point to the same address. I’ll go with the nslookup approach now. Thanks!

They don’t change as far as I know.

Just ran into the same issue with a .it domain.

Here’s the Cloudflare documentation on updating your DNS and how to find the IP address:

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