GoDaddy overriding cloudflare

I have this site hosted with Godaddy. I then set it up with cloudflare and I can see the padlock and I can see the traffic on cloudflare but I can not get the site to show, just the standard GoDaddy holding page. I have checked the server ip address and am now banging my head against a wall.

I contacted GoDaddy who just wanted to sell me there SSL.

Any help really appreciated.

Hi @guywoodland,

I see the site OK with :tls: and no default page for me, if you still see the issue, can you post a screenshot?

Thank you very much for responding - having been through the hoop with GoDaddy who wanted to sell me one of there certificates I simply reset the account and all seems fine.


That’s the right way to go as it means you can select Full (strict) on Cloudflare which is the only secure SSL mode.

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