Godaddy, Office 365 and Cloudflare DNS settings


I’m working with GoDaddy to migrate our email server to Office 365 (from iMap on GoDaddy).

To do this, several DNS records have all been added into Cloudflare, over the course of 3 days, and although GoDaddy’s support team says that they all appear to be installed correctly. They are NOT propagating at all.

GoDaddy has recommended that I request a “RE-Sync” of the DNS to help get them working.

Is this possible?

Are there any other specific tips you can give us to help jump start this problem?



I was able to solve this conundrum by GREYING OUT the clouds for the GoDaddy settings so it doesn’t go through the CDN. (DNS ONLY).

I hope this helps someone else out there with this same problem.

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