GoDaddy not seeing my CloudFlare SSL

Been using Cloudflare on my site ( for a few months now. Been working fine until last night when GoDaddy decided to no longer see my CF-produced SSL cert and instead display a “Future Home of Something Cool” message instead as if the site was under construction. Tightened DNS settings, changed my SSL from Full to Strict, but still not changing anything. And it was working before. Any idea what might be the issue here?

Your site works fine for me. Are you still seeing the issue?

If you are, there is more info about this issue here: Community Tip - Best Practices For Dealing With "Future Home of Something"


That would make me think that you used to have a valid SSL certificate on your GoDaddy host, but it’s no longer there. Can you check on that?


We did have one but it expired in early January. We’re currently in the process of switching to SiteGround, which provides free SSL’s.

We thought using CF, we wouldn’t need one on the GD side anymore.

You definitely need one on the host for full end-to-end encryption. Will GoDaddy let you upload your own?

Cloudflare can Create one for you in the Crypto section of the Dashboard.