GoDaddy not allowing me to change my nameservers?

Hi guys, I want to transfer my domain from Godaddy to here. the issue is GoDaddy is not allowing me to do that and change the nameserver. it said

why I must register the domain here before the transfer? GoDaddy is making the thing hard to not allow us to move to Cloudflare. is it possible to transfer my domain to here without changing my nameserver?
I can find it weird that you must change the nameserver to transfer a domain.

btw, the domain is not expired yet. I do have 15 days more

Your domain has expired yesterday. You first need to renew it.

I just noticed that it’s expired, any way to transfer to here without changing the nameserver? I can transfer to another domain service but not to cloudflare

:point_up_2:This has to be your next step.

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