GoDaddy Nameservers

I changed my nameservers, it’s not worked in a while. I contacted GoDaddy and they re-propagated the name servers given but cloudflare still doesn’t recognise it. My other domains work fine setup all at the same time from other providers. But it’s not even resolving - despite having the A records listed.

What is the domain?

I have another domain hosted on the same server (both run off a home lab server) and the second one works leading me to believe everything on my side is configured correctly.

My 2 A records are (@) (my_ip_address)
And (www) (my_ip_address)

Your domain doesn’t seem to be active on Cloudflare…

Make sure you have selected a plan (even if free), that the 2 nameservers you are being asked to set for the domain match those you have set at the registrar (they may differ from those given for other domains in your account) and that you have spelt the domain name correctly when adding it to Cloudflare (typos are more common when doing that than you might think).


Hi yes, this is the first domain i setup in cloudflare and it’s on the free plan. It asked for the lewis and serena name servers.

When i first did it, it sometimes resolved and sometimes didnt (one dns server in britain resolved and no longer does). But since it did to when it didn’t nothing has been changed

The domain isn’t resolving as there is no SOA record in the DNS (the Cloudflare nameservers you have set aren’t actually resolving for your domain).

Sometimes deleting the domain from Cloudflare then adding it back again can fix this (I’m never sure if that’s because it resets something that’s stuck at Cloudflare, or just corrects mistakes made when adding the site that aren’t seen).

Note that doing so will probably change the 2 allocated Cloudflare nameservers so you will need to set those at Godaddy again to the new set.

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