Godaddy MX recordes

How I use goddady C Pannel MX records in Cloudflare?

Just make sure your DNS records here match the ones at GoDaddy. Cloudflare usually scans them from what you already have, so they may already be here.

Yes, for the novice it is unclear what we are supposed to do with MX and TXT records. Currently i had to switch my domain to cloudflare, and now i have run into an issue of cloudflare support telling me I need another hosting provider? for emails? (there are no orange clouds, or any clouds next to my MX and TXT records, so the cloud thing makes no sense either since I can’t adjust it in my account) And now, another issue, who am I supposed to use for email serving? The hosting company I was with will no longer let me have access to TXT and MX records because my domain is no longer hosted with them. Please help. Any help will much appreciated. I can’t send emails to any of my clients and i had no idea this was even going to be an issue when i made the switch to cloudflare.

Since your past provider is the one who hosted your e-mail server, you should open a support ticket with them asking for the correct records needed to have email working. You can then use the linked support article to add those records to your account manually.


Thank you so much. that is great advice, and i had already done so before posting this. It was my old provider who alerted me that cloudflare has this limitation, as well as cloudflare support explaining it to me late last night. When i transferred it over the blog on cloudlflare said i could transfer MX records, and it was very unclear as to what happened to those records when i did. i didn’t realize there was no support for MX records. The solution, is a separate server. I have found one. But am really disappointed that i have to have 2 different providers when before all i had was one. And cloudflare isn’t very clear on their non support of email.

Cloudflare supports MX and TXT records, and all other types of DNS records. But Cloudflare is not a host. You already have a host for your website and email.

If your host does not understand how Cloudflare works, you should find a host with better technical skills.

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