GoDaddy is not accepting the CloudFlare NS without a valid IP - Where to get these IPs?

Hi guys,

As a newbie I’m not quite sure of what I am doing, can anyone help me out? I’ve got a WP site with a domain registered and hosted a GoDaddy, and I am setting up a CDN for the 1st time ever, and barely understand the concept… Easy peasy, right ? Well, not quite! GoDaddy is not letting me change the NS without an IP address, damn!

I’ve looked everywhere on CloudFlare, and couldn’t find the list of its NS and linked with its specific IP address!

Does anyone has an idea where to find that NS = IP list?
What about a whois IP lookup, could I risk it, without messing up things?

Thanks to let me know,


Why Wait
Don’t wait for an answer! Find it fast! This search :search: answers most questions:
#CommunityTip error

#CommunityTip 521 error
#CommunityTip 524 error
#CommunityTip 522 error



Thanks a bunch :+1:

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