GoDaddy hosting upgrade and IP change

Hi everyone,

We have just upgraded our godaddy hosting and we got a new IP; I guess I have to change it into our DNS on cloudflare, but I don’t know which one between these 3:

Should we also do anything else in order to have the website and email working properly?

thank you for letting me know

They’re most likely moving your entire domain to a new server. From what I can see in your DNS, all three are the same and need to be changed.

ok thank you for the fast reply, should I change them right now? I asked the upgrade like 15 minutes ago
also: the emails run on Office 365, bought via GoDaddy, I thought they were not associated to our domain IP? you suggest to change that A record too?

Keep an eye on admin and your email. As soon as those stop working, change the IP addresses in your picture and they should start working. Caveat being there may be some downtime during the switchover.

About email…one tip would be to keep an eye on your DNS records at GoDaddy. I’d expect them to update those, and you should mirror that update here.

thanks this is what I got (the only email so far, please see below)
also re: emails would do you mean DNS records on godaddy? Since we moved to cloudflare we don’t have any DNS record on godaddy anymore, we manage them only via cloudflare

Usually, the host still has a copy of the DNS records. But if that option is no longer available, you’ll have to find out from them the status of the ‘mail’ hostname. I’m not sure how/why an Office365-hosted mail account would still reside on the same IP address as your website.

so I just checked and DNS are available only on CloudFlare; I am also confused about that part for the email since we also have a CNAME for the email (should be that one the “important” one?)

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 1.13.01 PM

That CNAME also points to GoDaddy servers. You’re just going to have to check with them on how their Office365 email really works.

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I had a call with them and it seems all good, thanks again for your support :slight_smile:

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