GoDaddy Hosting and CloudFlare SSL

Hi guys

I just moved my domain behind cloudflare, generated the cert, installed it on godaddy host etc.
I switched the encryption to full and I still get the invalid cert error whenever I access the page.

The NS are correct.

The website is here[Preformatted text](

Any tips pls?


Your site looks fine to me? If you have made changes to make it work then something I would check is that your SSL certificate on the host looks correct.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me.
It’s a bit weird and something is not working correctly. I still see the error with Firefox and for some reason I still can do http and it wont redirect to https though this option is enabled in Cloudflare.

Any tips?

There were two problems:
1 - wordpress settings, the address was http instead of https;
2 - I tried so many things last night trying to address the problem that I disabled http > https redirect.

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