Godaddy hosting and cloudflare issues

So I attempted to get Cloudflare to work in the past on my main website and both times I would get an error which results in my website going down out of panic I just switch back to Godaddy. The 2nd time my website went down again and I contacted Godaddy which told me that it’s not compatible. This I later found out was false, their customer support is clueless on a lot of stuff.

My second website however I tested and it does work with the same hosting plan going on a month now no issues. I believe this to be the SSL certificate being the issue since only one site is having the issue. I have managed WordPress hosting without a Cpanel. So the issue begins about 1-2 days after I set it up with Cloudflare and I’ll see the SSL certificate change to Cloudflare. It gives me an error but It’s been a few months and I forget exactly which one. It may have been error 525.

I’m using the free plan by Cloudflare until I get it up and running. All DNS records are correct, and also using Free SSL certificate. I’m wondering how to get a new SSL reissued to try that and see if it works? or if they may be another solution?

Update: I went ahead and installed it on my main site so far no issues in the past 3 days. I think the actual problem was having domain at Godaddy. Now that I’m with Namecheap it doesn’t seem to mess up knock on wood.

Hi @tdog,

That is an unfortunately common theme we see with GoDaddy.

That would indicate a problem with the SSL cert on GoDaddy’s side.

Glad you got it sorted, let us know if you run into any more issues!

You do have certificate on your server for both domains, right?

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