Godaddy to CloudFlare to not working


Let’s say I have with Godaddy and point to Cloudflare and from Cloudflare I point it to, will that work?

I am using FREE account on both Cloudflare as well as on Weebly.

On Cloudflare I am pointing to Weebly as:
A (Weebly DNS)

I am getting below error when I
internal error - server connection terminated

As expected I get above error; probably not possible to do what I am trying to achieve as it.


That “A” record should be the IP address of the web server your site is hosted on. Not Weebly’s name servers.

Does the www work for your site?

Thanks for the reply sdayman.
I don’t have my website on Godaddy so my web server is Weebly if that make sense.
If I keep IP address back to Godaddy then since nothing there it will show Godaddy web page.
No www is not working and I was hoping that can do the trick but it didn’t point to Weebly either.

Hopefully Weebly has instructions on how to use third party DNS.

No I don’t think so, I think I know why it’s not working, one can do but certificate will not work for for obvious reason. I thought I can have subdomain for my domain for weebly and create CNAME and see if it works but no luck; thanks for the reply anyway.

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