Godaddy Email Records and Changing DNS

Went in circles with Godaddy tech support about this…When I went through the steps to add my site to my Cloudflare account, the first image below is what the current DNS situation is…according to Cloudflare’s report.
The MX record has *DNS Only as its setting. Does that mean that I don’t need to change anything on the MX record? Client has GD webmail for 3 email addresses and they will freak out if their email stops working. GD says I need to ADD an MX record. (second image)

Here’s the GD tech’s response (AFTER I explained to them that CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is NOT another hosting company…

Yes. The existing MX record is using Office 365, and when you import that to Cloudflare it will be exactly the same, and set to DNS only.

One thing I notice is that you have an :orange: entry for www.admin. That will not be covered by the Universal certificate as they only cover the one level of sub domain. Users will see a browser error message. You can either purchase an ACM cert from Cloudflare, set the entry to :grey:, change to something with just one label, like www-admin, or accept that users visiting the admin page will receive an error page.

Thank you for the info! My clients do log into the site from time to time, so having any issues with the dashboard access would be a problem. I will see if I can set that entry to the gray cloud settings. Thanks!

Hi Michael,
I did go into the Cloudflare settings for the site and change www.admin to the gray cloud setting. Now, there’s an orange alert next to the record with this message: “This record exposes the IP behind which you have proxied through Cloudflare. To fix this, change its proxy status.”

Of the four options I gave, each one has some trade-off. You have to pick the one that is best for you. My preference would be to use a name like admin or www-admin, set :orange: and protected by Cloudflare Access, but that requires you to be able and willing to change the hostname.

Is this www.admin related to the site’s Wordpress dashboard URL? The one ending in /wp-admin?

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