Godaddy Email Abnormal after DNS proxy

After our domain DNS proxied by the Cloudflare, our Godaddy Email became abnormal: all normal mails come will be put into the spam box!

We fulled all the neccessary Godaddy email DNS records into Cloudflare, followed the Godaddy’s guide
We tried to add the A and MX records into Cloudflare DNS, but failed, followed the Cloudflare’s help

Now the situation remain
I am greatful if someone can help us to fix it, it trouble us a lot
Many thanks


You may add couple of records: SPF, DKIM & DMARC. You can check the protection status here & also for fix:

I will try, hope available, thank you very much

We tried, but the same spam, no help at all

Did you check the header? Were you able to verify the sender? I assume there’s likely a misconfiguration. Check your records again. Verify them.

Were the records correct when you tested here?
Check this #tutorial

An example:

Here are some other sites for running tests:

Perhaps you mis-understood
I meant, only someone sends to us is turned into the spam box, what we send out is normal

I tested on mail-tester and got 9/10
Does the problem come from here? What should I do?

There’s no issue then.

Its again related to sending emails not receiving from others.

So what should I do? I am gonna crazy

You may whitelist the email id.

That is impossible
You know, all in come emails are put into the junkbox, no matter previous connection or not, it is all emails are put into junkbox, we have to turn them into the Inbox one by one.
It’s impossible to add all of addresses into whitelist. What if some newn addresses come some day, do we have to whitelist all the time?

If your domain is using Cloudflare DNS and has no MX records, you should not be getting any email. You didn’t happn to enable Cloudflare email routing, did you?

Do you mind sharing your domain for us to see what you have published in your DNS?

You can write it as by placing a backtick ` before and after to prevent the forum from trying to create a link.

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I had fulled all the Godaddy Email required records into Cloudflare DNS in fact, as per Godaddy’s guidelines

Our domain is pls check

Again, our issue is: All in-come emails have been archived into the Junkbox, no matter new or old addresses

We have no idea at all, pls help


Thank you for sharing. I can see that your MX records are pointed to GoDaddy.

Your DNS will have no effect on that. You will need to work with GoDaddy to resolve the handling of messages in your mailbox on their server.

I checked with godaddy all the time, after they times re-tested, feedbacked no problem at all
So I don’t know what the exact problem it is

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