Godaddy domain set up on Google Workspace, now cloudflare 1014 error

I do not know what happened but my website is down with 1014 error (see image).

I registered my domain in godaddy. Then wanted email in gmail, so created Google Workspace account. It had me change nameservers to custom through cloudflare. Now my website is down with error 1014 pointing to cloudflare. Anyone know what to do?


Also I should note, this has been happening for 4 days… I gave it some time to see if it was down because of the change but it is still not working.
I also followed other articles and attempted changing my SSL/TLS to full and full (strict). Nothing seems to change.


For a 1014 error, the best answer I’ve seen is here, Issues integrating conversion api via stape. :search: for similar topics to see how they were resolved.

Thank you - do you know what I should change my CNAME to? Is it because godaddy hosts my domain? I tried to go to the Saap as recommended on that article and it looks like a premium plan?

That information should come from your hosting provider.

What’s powering your website? And can you share a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS page showing the CNAME record in question?

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