Godaddy domain needs IP for Nameserver

I would like to replace the nameservers on GoDaddy to Cloudflare, however, GoDaddy is requiring the IP addresses for the nameservers. To be safe since I am not an expert on this IP stuff, was thinking better to ask. Can you please provide the IP Address for:

You can ping those nameservers to get an ip, but I’ve never seen godaddy ask for an IP, can you share your godaddy manage DNS screen? Mine looks like this:

According to Godaddy this is for new domains types like .today , etc

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Some registrars do that. is an easy way to get those IP addresses.

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Thanks, but when I do this DNS checkup, I see multiple IP addresses. On the site you gave I see many different ip addresses. How do I know which one is the correct one and how to choose?

What I would like to avoid is accidentally adding the wrong IP which causes my site to go offline till I again try to figure out what I did wrong =)

They should all be “correct”. I’d go with the 172 IP address.

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