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I Have Godaddy Domain. Namecheap Hosting. I connect my domain with Namecheap Hosting by changing the nameservers of the Godaddy. (dns1.namecheaphosting com and Then I Requested Cloudflare Free SSL. It asks me to remove Godaddy these nameservers which are dns1.namecheaphosting com and dns2.namecheaphosting com. Then Replace with new nameservers provided by Cloudflare. I think when I done that it will break my connection with domain and hosting. So how to Get Cloudflare SSL free?

Cloudflare DNS will import as many DNS records as it can find from your old host, then ask you to double-check that they’re all there. Then Cloudflare DNS will properly work.

But if your site isn’t already configured and working with HTTPS, it will most likely have problems.

So you recommend me to remove all name servers of the godaddy(namecheap nameservers also) and include cloudflare nameservers to godaddy??

Yes, that’s what you’ll need to do.

what happened when i include namechap name servers and cloudflare provided name servers both?

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