Godaddy + cloudflare + github pages: looking for last missing piece to make HTTPS work



Hey there folks,

I’m currently trying to set up a jekyll blog using github pages with a custom domain and cloudflare for SSL/HTTPS support.
I read a bunch of blogs and I feel like I did everything described in them.

Whether it is:

Nevertheless I’m having trouble making it work and I’m not sure why…

tl;dr of what I did:

  • added a CNAME file to my git repo
  • changed godaddys default dns nameservers to the cloudflare ones
  • having 2 A records and one CNAME record present here in cloudflare (just like in the blogs)
  • Under the Crypto tab I got: Status: Active Certificate

Actual problem

When trying to visit I’m only getting this:

This site cannot be loaded due to a certificate error:
Issued To
Common Name (CN): *

As far as I understand it it still tries to use the valid cert for the pages or am I mistaken here?
I’m not sure where I did go wrong any.
Anyone having an idea?


Set your SSL mode to ‘full’, or if that doesn’t work try ‘flexible’.


Based on this bit “Common Name (CN): *” I would say it looks like your root record in our DNS is not :orange:. If it were hitting the Cloudflare edge I woudl expect to see a Cloudflare issued cert with your zone name.


apparently the only problem was that the SSL needs to be set at flexibel.

Not Full nor Full (Strict). That’s the only way it works for me now.
All the guides insisted on putting it on Full…



Full should work since github was presenting it’s SSL cert… but sometimes the internet is Abby Normal.


I’ll look further into it within the next days… Maybe I’ll get it to work with Full.
It seems to work for other people so why not for me too :joy:

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